Vika, The Undefeated Champion! LRK-Cup 2018

Day 2 2000 The 2000-team only had to play the finals against LRK this morning. They won! This makes them the the undefeated champions of this years LRK-Cup. 2004 In addition, Vika’s recently established 2004-team also conquered the first place after a tough final against LRK. Luckily, the team got new strength through goalie Leo and player Welco to ensure their victory and … More Vika, The Undefeated Champion! LRK-Cup 2018

Vika to Namsos

Let’s go! (Again…..) Namsos here we come! 🤽🏼‍♂️ We will update this post with the results. 🏆 Big thanks to Namsos for hosting this weekend, next one at our own pool in Oslo. See you there! – VIKA – Stavanger : 20 – 5 VIKA – Namsos : 21 – 9 VIKA – LRK : … More Vika to Namsos

100 Years Vika IF

Today, Vika IF celebrates its 100 years anniversary. On the 26th of January 1918 our beloved Vika IF was established, a lot has however changed since 1918. Lucky not our spirit! Lets make Norwegian water polo great again these next 100 years! GO VIKA!   Read more about Vika’s past here! (Norwegian – NO)   … More 100 Years Vika IF

Vika to Stavanger

We are currently on our way to play Nordby and LRK in Stavanger. We will keep you updated about the results. Wish us luck! GO VIKA Results: Day 1 Nordby 2 vs. VIKA 30 Day 2 LRK 4 vs. VIKA 23   Thanks to Stavanger for hosting this weekend.

Vika at Movember Cup

Vika was invited to attend the Movember Cup arranged by Stockholm Polisen IF. We lost some and won some, but overall we did a good job and left with 4th. place. Thx to SPIF for hosting this exiting tournament. See u soon Stockholm!