Vika, The Undefeated Champion! LRK-Cup 2018

Day 2


The 2000-team only had to play the finals against LRK this morning. They won! This makes them the the undefeated champions of this years LRK-Cup.

Første Rad: Leonardo Landozzi Andre Rad: Werner Korf, Kasper Fürstenberg, Mihajlo Samardzic, Veljko Maksimovic, Tom Albins, Rafael Goldenberg, Marko Spyros, Espen Franang, Breno Goldenberg, Stian Skogsletten, Kristian Lothe


In addition, Vika’s recently established 2004-team also conquered the first place after a tough final against LRK. Luckily, the team got new strength through goalie Leo and player Vejlko to ensure their victory and a final score of 8-4 in favor of Vika.

Første rad: Eugene Fields, Elise Lindstrøm Andre rad: Veljko Maksimovic, Leonardo Landozzi, Kristian Lothe, Vasilije Masirevic, Jonatan Jakobsson, Kasper Fürstenberg, Mihajlo Samardzic

Well done young Lions!

Thanks to LRK or hosting this tournament.



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