Vika Juniors at LRK-Cup 2018

Day 1

Vika is currently participating at the LRK – Cup with its 2000 and 2004 teams . So far, the Vika juniors are doing great!


The 2000 team stated the day with a match against Nordby which they won without a doubt. Later today they played against Namsos, fortunately they won this game as well. This game was followed by a game against LRK, who the young Vika lions also beat. The last game of today was the Semi-Final against Nordby. So far undefeated!


The 2004-team gave an good effort in their class. Two wins and one loss against LRK gave the team a possibility to qualify for the finals. The semi final ended 5-5 and, in the  penalties Elise gave the team the last goal they needed to win the match and a new chance against LRK in the final.

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