LRK – Cup (Day 2)

Today we played the final match against Namsos, we fought hard and leaded in the first quarter, but unfortunately we lost the advantage and they won by two goals. These were the resaults: -Finales Namsos vs. Vika 6-4 – Thanks to LRK for organizing this weekend!

LRK – Cup (Day 1)

Årets LRK Cup har så langt gått bra for Vika, i morgen blir den viktigste dagen når vi spiller finalen mot Namsos. Resultatene ble: Norby vs. Vika: 6 – 8 LRK vs. Vika: * – * Namsos vs. Vika: 4 – 1 – Semifinal  Norby vs. Vika: 4 – 8